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Summitry: The Medium and the Message

Sylvia Ostry

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The Bissell-Heyd Professorship of Canadian-American Studies was established by, and is supported through, the generosity of the Associates of the University of Toronto in the United States. The Professorship honours Dr. Claude Bissell, President of the Un

For the 1987-88 academic year, the Bissell-Heyd Professorship is being devoted to a program of research, lectures and conferences on the role of Canada, the United States, and their major partners in the annual Summit of the seven leading industrial democ

Given the singular importance of the Summit, the University of Toronto, through its 1987-88 Bissell-Heyd program, has taken as its mandate the task of educating Canadians and the citizens of their Summit partners about the institutions, issues and members

To inaugurate the Municipal Program on the 1988 Toronto Summit, the Centre for International Studies hosted at Trinity College, University of Toronto, on February 11, 1988 a public lecture by Dr. Sylvia Ostry, the Personal Representative of the Prime Mini

John J. Kirton
The Municipal Program on the 1988 Toronto Summit

William C. Graham
Centre for International Studies

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