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John C. Whitehead
Deputy Secretary of State
of the United States of America

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JOHN C. WHITEHEAD was sworn in as Deputy Secretary of State of the United States of America on July 9, 1985.

Mr. Whitehead was born in Evanstown, Illinois in 1922. In 1924, his family moved to New Jersey, where he resided until 1985. He attended Haverford College, where he was President of the Student College and was elected into Phi Beta Kappa, receiving a B.A. degree in Economics.

During World War II Mr. Whitehead served in the US Navy aboard the U.S.S. Thomas Jefferson, an amphibious transport, and participated in the invasions of Normandy, Southern France, Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

After the war, Mr. Whitehead attended the Harvard Business School, and received his M.B.A. with distinction in 1947. He subsequently received honorary LL.D. degrees from Haverford College and Pace University.

Joining Goldman, Sach's and Co. in 1947 as a junior statistician, Mr. Whitehead stayed with the firm for 38 years. In 1956 he became a junior partner, followed by a promotion to the position of senior partner and co- chairman in 1976. In 1984, he stepped down as co-chairman and as a general partner but continued in his capacity of chairman for the firm s International Advisory Board until his appointment as Deputy Secretary of State in 1985.

Mr. Whitehead has served on the Boards of Directors of numerous companies and associations, most notably as Director and Chairman of the Securities Industry Association and as Director of the New York Stock Exchange.

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