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Statement on Southern Africa

July 15, 1989, Paris
[Unofficial Translation]

The Summit participants express their condemnation of apartheid and their determination to work for a democratic South Africa without racial discrimination. In this respect they urgently demand that the South African Government take concrete steps to begin negotiations with the black majority.

They insist that the Government free Nelson Mandela, and the other political prisoners, that an end be put to the state of emergency and to the interdiction of the ANC [African National Congress], of the UDF [United Democratic Front] and of the other organizations, and that the discriminatory legislation be repealed.

The Summit participants are pleased with the progress achieved toward the implementation of Resolution 435 of the Security Council for the independence of Namibia and ask all parties concerned to see that nothing hinders the process. They hope that the recent Summit meeting of eighteen African Heads of State in Gbadolite will lead to the peaceful settlement of the civil war in Angola and that progress will be made in the search for a solution to the conflict in Mozambique.

Source: Released by the Summit of the Arch

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