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Statement on the Arab-Israeli Confict

July 15, 1989, Paris
[Unofficial Translation]

The Summit participants remain profoundly concerned about the situation in the Near East.

Certain recent partisan declarations in Israel, the persistent violence in the occupied territories, as well as the deterioration of living conditions in the West Bank and in Gaza show more clearly than ever that a solution concerning the legitimate political rights of the Palestinian people, as well as the right to security of all of the states in the region, including Israel, is once again an urgent necessity.

More than ever, the time has come to open a dialogue between the concerned parties, with a view toward negotiation.

The seven nations consider that the elections proposed for the occupied territories could mark a positive step toward mutual recognition, to the extent that they take place in an atmosphere of free expression and that they form part of a global settlement of territorial disputes that present obstacles to peace.

Furthermore, the seven nations believe that the holding, at the appropriate time, of an international conference structured in an appropriate manner would constitute a framework adapted to promoting direct dialogue among all the parties and to dealing with all of the related problems whose solution governs a peaceful settlement in the Near East.

Source: Released at the Summit of the Arch

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