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Statement on Cambodia

July 15, 1989, Paris
[Unofficial Translation]

The Summit participants recalled the problem of Cambodia.

They are pleased by, and fully support, the initiative of France to convene an international conference in Paris. They hope that this conference will lead to a global political settlement, providing, inter alia, for the verified withdrawal of Vietnamese troops and self-determination for the Cambodian people. They stress the need for an effective international control mechanism as an essential component of that settlement.

In this context, they pay homage to the efforts undertaken for several months by ASEAN [Association of South East Asian Nations] countries to seek an end to the conflict. They consider that the opportunity must be seized today to find a real, complete and lasting solution of the Cambodian problem.

The discussions showed a general receptivity to contribute, when the time comes, to the reconstruction of Cambodia.

Source: Released at the Summit of the Arch

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