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Press Release from Presidents Abdou Diouf, Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, Carlos Andres Perez and Prime Minister Rajif Gandhi

July 13, 1989, Paris

In the light of the consultations we have had with the Heads of State or Government of both developed and developing countries assembled in Paris, we have come to the conclusion that it is now a propitious moment to initiate a process of regular consultations between developed and developing countries, at the Summit level.

We believe that steps should be taken to organize as soon as possible an appropriate meeting, at the Summit level, to deliberate on global economic and environmental issues of mutual interest. This should mark the beginning of the process of continuing consultations on such issues between the leaders of the North and the South.

This initiative will be pursued in full association with the Secretary- General of the United Nations and in cooperation with the relevant economic and financial international institutions.

The Group of 77 and the Movement of the Non-Aligned Countries will be kept informed.

To this end we invite President Mitterrand to take the necessary measures for the concretization of this idea.

Source: Released by the the Summit of the Arch. Note: Not an official summit document (P. Hajnal).

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