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[G7 Halifax Summit, June 15-17, 1995]

G7 Statement Regarding the Situation in the Former Yugoslavia

Statement by the Chair
[Prime Minister Jean Chrétien of Canada]

I am here on behalf of the Group of Seven, the seven Heads of Government. We discussed this tonight at dinner, and they have asked me to come and read to you this statement. I will read it to you in English.

At a time when all information indicates that there is a danger of renewed intensification of fighting in Bosnia, in particular in Sarajevo, we send out to all the parties a strong call for the greatest restraint.

We appeal to the Bosnian Serbs and to the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina to establish an immediate moratorium on military operations in order to allow political negotiations, without which no lasting solution is possible, to resume as quickly as possible, on the basis of the Contact Group proposal.

We call upon the Croatian Government and the Krajina Serbs to refrain from all military action and to resume the negotiation process.

To promote this resumption of negotiations, we express our confidence in Mr. Bildt and Mr. Stoltenberg, whom we invite to visit the area very quickly to this end.

Source: Released at the Halifax Summit, 15 June 1995

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