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The Kananaskis Summit Chair's Summary

Kananaskis, June 27, 2002

We met in Kananaskis for our annual Summit to discuss the challenges of fighting terrorism, strengthening global economic growth and sustainable development, and building a new partnership for Africa's development.

This was our first meeting since the terrible events of September 11. We discussed the threat posed to innocent citizens and our societies by terrorists and those who support them.

We discussed the outlook for global economic growth and employment, and the challenges of poverty reduction and sustainable development. We expressed confidence in our economies and in the prospects for global growth. We agreed on the fundamental importance of strong political leadership for the success of economic reforms in our own economies. We support emerging market countries, including Brazil and others in Latin America, in their efforts to implement sound economic policies.

We met with the Presidents of Algeria, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa, and the Secretary General of the United Nations, to discuss the challenges faced by Africa and the G8's response to the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD).

Finally, we discussed several regional issues that have significant implications for international peace and security.

We welcomed the offer of the President of France to host our next Summit in June 2003. We agreed that Russia will assume the 2006 G8 Presidency and will host our annual Summit that year.

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Source: Government of Canada, Kananaskis Summit

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