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Summit Documents

Remarks by President George Bush and President Ghazi al-Yahwer
of Iraq in Photo Opportunity

Sea Island, June 9, 2004, 15h49

THE PRESIDENT: Mr. President, thanks for being here. This has been a special day for me and those of us in my administration who are here, because I really never thought I'd be sitting next to an Iraqi President of a free country a year and a half ago – and here you are. Not only are you here to visit with me, and we've had a wonderful talk, but you're here to talk to the leadership of the G8, leaders of the free world. And I am so grateful you are here. Please convey my best wishes to your Prime Minister, as well.

Yesterday, the United Nations sent a clear message that the world supports a free Iraq. And the United States supports a transfer of full sovereignty to you, Mr. President, and your government. And having visited with you, having talked to you, and having listened to you, I have got great faith in the future of your country, because you believe in the hopes and aspirations of the Iraqi people.

It's been a proud day for me. I'm glad you're here.

PRESIDENT AL-YAWER: Thank you. First of all, I'd like to, on behalf of the Iraqi people, to thank you for giving us this chance to attend the G8 Summit, where, again, thanks to the American people, for the leadership of President George Bush, without which we couldn't have been here into the G8, Mr. President, I'd like to express to you the commitment of the Iraqi people to move toward democracy. We are moving in a steady – steady steps toward it. We're determined to have a free, democratic, federal Iraq, a country that is a source of stability to the Middle East, which is very important for the rest of the world.

Again, Mr. President, I'd like to thank the American people for the sacrifices that the brave men and women of the United States toward trying to liberate Iraq. We're working with all our hearts to make sure that all these sacrifices of the Iraqis, as well as our friends in the coalition, will not go to avail, that all these will be to the benefit of the Iraqi government.

Thank you very much, sir.

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Source: Official G8 Sea Island site

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