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Foreign Secretary Launches G8 2005 Logo

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw
10 Downing Street, London
September 30, 2004

The Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, today unveiled the logo for the 2005 UK Presidency of the G8. The design, a stylised thistle, was produced by HGV London, a UK company.

The Foreign Secretary said: 'I am pleased to announce the choice of the logo. It is a modern interpretation of a traditional Scottish symbol, which will be used for a wide variety of events throughout our G8 Presidency next year'.

Notes for Editors

  1. The UK Presidency of the G8 starts on 1 January 2005 and lasts for the whole year. The main event will be the G8 Summit, due to take place at Gleneagles, Scotland in July. This will involve the Heads of State or Government of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the USA and the UK. The President of the European Commission will also attend.

  2. The two key themes for the Summit will be Africa and climate change. The Prime Minister has established an independent "Commission for Africa", the report from which will be an important input to the Summit. The Commission meets in Addis Ababa next week. The Prime Minister also made a speech on climate change on 14 September, where he highlighted three key parts of his strategy for the UK's Presidency:

    - To secure an agreement as to the basic science on climate change and the threat it poses, to provide the foundation for further action

    - To reach agreement on a process to speed up the science, technology and other measures necessary to meet the threat

    - To engage countries outside the G8 who have growing energy needs, like China and India

  3. In addition there will be continuing work on other key G8 issues, such as counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation and the Broader Middle East initiative, launched at the Sea Island Summit in 2004.
Source: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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