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TICAD Follow-up Mechanism
Yokohama, May 30, 2008


1. Introduction

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2. Significance of Establishment of Follow-up Mechanism

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3. Modality

Based upon above, TICAD Follow-up Mechanism will be established with a Three-Tier structure as below.

(1) Organizational Composition

(i) First Tier: Secretariat



To conduct information gathering / analysis / public relations activities, in collaboration with related governmental agencies, regarding the current status of implementation of the priorities under the TIACD process, especially Yokohama Action Plan and Appendix in the follow-up process of TICAD IV.


(ii) Second Tier: Joint Monitoring Committee of the TICAD process (expected to be held in Japan)


Objective/ Outline


(iii) Third Tier: TICAD Follow-up meetings


Objective/ Significance


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