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Deadline for 2010/11 Scholarships is September 30, 2010!

Eligibility and Application Procedures

The Robert H. Catherwood Scholarship was created in 1997 by the G8 Research Group, its alumni, the Financial Post (now National Post), and the family and friends of Robert H. Catherwood, to help cover the tuition costs of University of Toronto International Relations students, so that they might better understand the issues, institutions and members of the G8 Summit and system of global governance.

Terms for 2010/11:

  1. Up to three scholarships, valued at up to $4,000 each, will be awarded in 2010/11. The competition is open to all full-time University of Toronto students beginning their fourth undergraduate year (i.e., having completed 14 courses), and enrolled in the International Relations Program as Specialists, Majors or Joint Specialists.

  2. Applications from eligible students should be submitted by Thursday, September 30, 2010, to Marilyn Laville at the International Relations Program office in Room 310N at the Munk School of Global Affairs, 1 Devonshire Place. Applications must include a résumé, a statement of academic results and a cover letter of up to 600 words outlining the student’s interest in the issues, institutions and/or members of the G8/G20 (broadly defined), the student’s leadership performance and potential, and especially the student’s need for financial support, province of residence and OSAP or equivalent status or eligibility.

  3. The scholarship is awarded on the equally weighted basis of academic excellence, financial need and a demonstrated interest in the issues, institutions or members of the G8/G20, as evidenced by course selection, academic work and extracurricular activities (including leadership).

  4. The selection is made by Trinity College, on the advice of a Selection Committee including the Director of the G8 Research Group, the Co-ordinator of the International Relations Program (or designee), the Provost of Trinity College (or designee), the Registrar of Trinity College (ex officio) and a senior representative of the Canadian business community. The Committee’s recommendation is subject to confirmation by the Student Awards Committee and the Provost of Trinity College.

  5. The scholarships should be awarded in early November 2010.

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