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G7/8 Environment Ministers Meetings

April 15-16, 2023
G7 ministers' meeting on climate, energy and environment, Sapporo, Japan
G7 Climate, Energy and Environment Ministers' Communiqué, April 16, 2023
May 25-27, 2022
G7 climate, energy and environment ministers, Berlin
Communiqué, May 27, 2022
Annex: Conclusions Regarding the Industrial Decarbonisation Agenda, May 27, 2022
G7 Ocean Deal, May 27, 2022
G7 Berlin Roadmap on Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy, May 27, 2022
June 8, 2021, United Kingdom
G7 Climate and Environment Ministers meeting: Presidency Statement on Guest Participation
May 20-21, 2021, United Kingdom
G7 climate and environment ministers, virtual
Communiqué, May 21, 2021
Chair's summary of the G7 Chief Veterinary Officers' meeting on May 4, 2021 (side event), May 21, 2021
Related documents released with the communiqué on May 21, 2021
• Climate and Energy Commitments to Action [PDF]
• G7 Ocean Decade Navigation Plan
• G7 Alliance for Resource Efficiency Best Practice [PDF]
• G7 Presidency Summary of the Alliance for Resource Efficiency Technical Working Group
• International Zoonoses Community of Experts (IZCE)
• OECD Report: Biodiversity, Natural Capital and the Economy: A Policy Guide for Finance, Economic and Environment Ministers [PDF]
• OECD Report: Towards G7 Action to Combat Ghost Fishing Gear [PDF]
• Stern Report: G7 leadership for sustainable, resilient and inclusive economic recovery and growth [PDF], May 2021
• IEA Report: Net Zero by 2050 – A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector [PDF], May 2021
May 5-6, 2019, France
G7 environment ministers, Metz
Communiqué, May 6, 2019
Metz Charter on Biodiversity, May 6, 2019
International Leaders for Biodiversity Initiative, May 6, 2019
Declaration of Intention of Support for G.R.E.A.T., May 6, 2019
Declaration on Halting Deforestation Including through Sustainable Supply Chains for Agricultural Commodities, May 6, 2019
Concrete Initiatives — Outcome Document, May 6, 2019
Other documents: Metz G7 Environment Press Pack [pdf], May 4, 2019; G7 Workshop Tools Making Value Chains More Circular and Resource Efficient Voluntary Agreements, Standardisation and Non-financial Reporting: Key Messages [pdf], 20-21 March 2019
September 19-21, 2018, Canada
G7 environment, oceans and energy ministers, Halifax
Chair's Summary, September 19, 2018
Chairs' Summary: G7 Joint Ministerial Session on Healthy Oceans, Seas and Resilient Communities, September 20, 2018
G7 Innovation Challenge to Address Marine Plastic Litter, September 20, 2018
G7 Initiative on Earth Observation and Integrated Coastal Zone Management, September 20, 2018
June 11-12, 2017
G7 environment ministers, Bologna
Communiqué, June 12, 2017
May 15-16, 2016
G7 environment ministers, Toyama, Toyama Prefecture
Communiqué, May 16, 2016
April 22-24, 2009
G8 environment ministers, Siracusa
Chair's Summary, April 24, 2009 [PDF]
Siracusa Charter on Biodiversity, April 24, 2009 [PDF]
May 24-26, 2008
G8 Environment Ministers Meeting, Kobe [delegation]
Official website
Chair's Summary [HTML] [PDF]
Kobe 3R Action Plan [HTML] [PDF]
Kobe Call for Action for Biodiversity [HTML] [PDF]
Japan's New Action Plan towards a Global Zero Waste Society [HTML] [PDF]
Japan's Commitments for the implementation of the Kobe Call for Action for Biodiversity [PDF]
March 14-16, 2008
Gleneagles Dialogue on Climate Change, Clean Energy and Sustainable Development, Chiba, Japan
Chairs' Conclusions [HTML] [PDF]
Delegation [HTML] [PDF]
March 15-17, 2007
G8 Environment Ministers Meeting, Potsdam
Press release from German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, March 17
Potsdam Initiative [HTML] [PDF]
Background paper on biodiversity [PDF]
Transcript of teleconference with John Baird, Minister, Environment Canada, March 17, 2007
October 3, 2006
Environment Ministers, Monterrey, Mexico
(during a two-day meeting of environment ministers to discuss the G8 Gleneagles Summit's climate action plan)
November 1, 2005
Energy and Environment Ministers plus ministers from 12 other countries, London
Chairman's Conclusions
Factsheet: New Developments in UK Activities in Support of Gleneagles Plan of Action
Prime Minister Blair Concludes Climate Change Conference
March 17-18, 2005
G8 Environment and Development Ministers Meeting, Derbyshire, UK
Carbon offsetting
Press release, March 18
March 15-16, 2005
International Energy and Environment Ministers Roundtable, London
Press release, March 15, 2005
Gordon Brown's keynote address, March 15, 2005
Summary of Proceedings, March 16, 2005
April 25-27, 2003
G8 Environment Ministers meeting, Paris
Press release, April 26 [PDF English] [HTML French]
Final Communiqué, April 27 [PDF English] [HTML English] [HTML French]
April 12-14, 2002
G8 Environment Ministers Meeting, Banff, Canada
Banff Ministerial Statement on the World Summit on Sustainable Development
March 2-4, 2001
G8 Environment Ministerial Meeting, Trieste, Italy
April 7-9, 2000
G8 Environment Ministers' Meeting, Otsu, Japan
March 26-28, 1999
G8 Environment Ministers' Meeting, Schwerin, Germany
April 3-5, 1998
G8 Environment Ministers Meeting, Leeds Castle, Kent, England
Press Release, April 5, 1998. United Kingdom. Department of the Environment, Transport, and the Regions
May 5-6, 1997
Environment Leaders' Summit of the Eight, Miami, Florida
1997 Declaration of the Environment Leaders of the Eight on Children's Environmental Health
Chair's Summary
May 9-10, 1996
Environment Ministers Meeting, Cabourg, France
Letter to President Chirac from the Chairman of the Meeting of the G7 Environment Ministers Held in Cabourg, France, May 9-10, 1996
Chairman's Summary
April 29 - May 1, 1995
Environment Ministers Meeting, Hamilton, Ontario
Chairperson's Highlights, May 1, 1995
Background materials:
  • Biological Diversity: Beyond Nassau [PDF]
  • Greening Government Policy [PDF]
  • Background Information — Greening Government Operations: An Agenda for Cooperation [PDF]
  • Background Information — Sustainable Development and the G7 [PDF]
  • List of attending ministers [PDF]
    March 12-13, 1994
    Informal Meeting of the G7 Environment Ministers, Florence, Italy
    June 1992
    Meeting of the G7 Environment Ministers, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    (held during the Earth Summit)
    Spring 1992
    Meeting of the G7 Environment Ministers, Germany

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