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Commitments in the G7 Leaders' February 2023 Statement

Identified by Brittaney Warren, G7 Research Group
February 24, 2023

Issue area

Number of commitments

Peace and security (or regional security)


Disasters (earthquake in Türkiye/Syria)




2023F-1: We commit to intensifying our diplomatic…support for Ukraine

2023F-2: [We commit to intensifying our]…financial…[support for Ukraine]

2023F-3: [We commit to intensifying our]…military…[support for Ukraine]

2023F-4: [We commit to]…increasing the costs to Russia and those supporting its war effort

2023F-5: [We commit to]…continuing to counter the negative impacts of the war on the rest of the world, particularly on the most vulnerable people.

2023F-6: We support the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) efforts to strengthen nuclear safety and security in Ukraine, including through the continuous presence of IAEA experts and the cessation of all combat operations in and around the plant and surrounding infrastructure.

2023F-7: We remain committed to diplomacy

2023F-8: [We]…support President Zelenskyy's earnest efforts to promote a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in line with the UN Charter by outlining basic principles in his Peace Formula.

2023F-9: With a view to a viable post-war peace settlement, we remain ready to reach arrangements together with Ukraine as well as interested countries and institutions on sustained security and other commitments to help Ukraine defend itself, secure its free and democratic future, and deter future Russian aggression.

2023F-10: We remain committed to coordinating efforts to meet Ukraine's pressing military and defence equipment needs, with an immediate focus on air defence systems and capabilities, as well as necessary munitions and tanks.

Building on the results achieved during the international conference held in Paris on 13 December, we also reaffirm our commitment to:

2023F-11: provide additional humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian people

2023F-12: [provide]…assistance to support Ukraine's energy sector

2023F-13: [provide]…other assistance in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, including to ensure access to healthcare including mental health.

2023F-14: We will continue to help maintain Ukraine's economic and financial stability, including addressing urgent short-term economic needs.

2023F-15: We ask Finance Ministers to continue engagement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Ukraine to deliver an ambitious program by the end of March 2023 and to continue working together, with the IMF and others for necessary budget support to Ukraine throughout and beyond 2023.

2023F-16: We support Ukraine's reconstruction efforts, including the recovery of infrastructure destroyed by Russia's aggression.

2023F-17: we will continue to support the determination of Ukraine to build a society free from corruption.

2023F-18: We support the Ukrainian government's efforts to advance necessary institution-building in line with Ukraine's European path, including in the judicial sector and promotion of the rule of law by empowering the independent Ukrainian anti-corruption institutions.

2023F-19: We reaffirm our commitment to strengthening the unprecedented and coordinated sanctions and other economic measures the G7 and partner countries have taken to date to further counter Russia's capacity to wage its illegal aggression.

2023F-20: We remain committed to presenting a united front through the imposition of new coordinated economic actions against Russia in the days and weeks ahead.

2023F-21: We will maintain, fully implement and expand the economic measures we have already imposed, including by preventing and responding to evasion and circumvention through the establishment of an Enforcement Coordination Mechanism to bolster compliance and enforcement of our measures and deny Russia the benefits of G7 economies.

2023F-22: We also commit to further aligning measures, such as transit or services bans, including to prevent Russian circumvention.

2023F-23: We are committed to preventing Russia from finding new ways to acquire advanced materials, technology, and military and industrial equipment from our jurisdictions that it can use to develop its industrial sectors and further its violations of international law.

2023F-24: To this end, we will adopt further measures to prevent Russia from accessing inputs that support its military and manufacturing sectors, including, among others, industrial machinery, tools, construction equipment, and other technology Russia is exploiting to rebuild its war machine.

2023F-25: We will continue to reduce Russia's revenue to finance its illegal aggression by taking appropriate steps to limit Russia's energy revenue and future extractive capabilities, building on the measures we have taken so far, including export bans and the price cap for seaborne Russian-origin crude oil and refined oil products.

2023F-26: We commit to taking action in a way that mitigates spillover effects for energy security, in particular for the most vulnerable and affected countries.

2023F-27: Given the significant revenues that Russia extracts from the export of diamonds, we will work collectively on further measures on Russian diamonds, including rough and polished ones, working closely to engage key partners.

2023F-28: While coordinating to preserve financial channels for essential transactions, we will target additional Russian financial institutions to prevent circumvention of our measures.

2023F-29: We will continue our efforts to ensure Russia pays for Ukraine's long-term reconstruction.

2023F-30: We collectively reaffirm the need for an international mechanism to register the damages Russia has inflicted.

2023F-31: We are determined, consistent with our respective legal systems, that Russia's sovereign assets in our jurisdictions will remain immobilized until there is a resolution to the conflict that addresses Russia's violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and integrity.

2023F-32: We will work with partners beyond the G7 which hold those Russian sovereign assets to build the broadest coalition possible to advance these objectives.

2023F-33: We are united in our determination to hold President Putin and those responsible to account, consistent with international law.

2023F-34: We support investigations by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, the Prosecutor-General of Ukraine, and other national prosecutors who are able to establish jurisdiction under national law.

2023F-35: In this regard, we support exploring efforts to develop an international centre for the prosecution of the crime of aggression against Ukraine (ICPA) which is linked to the existing Joint Investigation Team supported by Eurojust.

2023F-36: We reiterate the G7's united will to continue to provide rapid assistance, including food-related aid, to countries in need and affected populations

2023F-37: we will continue to design our restrictive measures to shield such populations from unintended consequences by ensuring food and fertilisers are carved out.

2023F-38: We will continue to support food security and the availability and sustainable use of fertilisers to vulnerable countries in need of assistance

2023F-39: We [stand in solidarity with the people of Türkiye and Syria and] pledge our continued support to tackling the consequences of this catastrophe.

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