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Bilateral Meetings at the G8 Summit, 2004–2006

Compiled by Laura Sunderland
August 31, 2006


St. Petersburg 2006 (July 15-17)
060717: Putin (Russia) and Lula da Silva (Brazil)
060717: Putin (Russia) and Singh (India)
*060717: Putin (Russia), Hu Jintao (China) and Singh (India)
060717: Putin (Russia) and Hu Jintao (China)
060717: Koizumi (Japan) and Singh (India)
060717: Chirac (France) and Nazarbaev (Kazakhstan, CIS)
060717: Nazarbaev (Kazakhstan, CIS) and Singh (India)
060717: Putin (Russia) and Nazarbaev (Kazakhstan, CIS)
060717: Blair (UK) and Annan (UN)
060717: Merkel (Germany) and Singh (India)
060717: Prodi (Italy) and Matsura (UNESCO)
060717: Bush (US) and Lula da Silva (Brazil)
060717: Bush (US) and Singh (India)
060716: Putin (Russia) and Chirac (France)
060716: Putin (Russia) and Merkel (Germany)
060716: Chirac (France) and Vanhanen (Finland, EU)
060716: Koizumi (Japan) and Merkel (Germany)
060716: Blair (UK) and Prodi (Italy)
060716: Putin (Russia) and Blair (UK)
060716: Bush (US) and Hu Jintao (China)
*060716: Harper (Canada), Vanhanen (Finland, EU) and Barroso (EC)
060716: Chirac (France) and Bush (US)
060716: Bush (France) and Blair (UK)
060715: Vanhanen (Finland, EU) and Prodi (Italy)
060715: Bush (US) and Prodi (Italy)
060715: Putin (Russia) and Koizumi (Japan)
060715: Putin (Russia) and Harper (Canada)
060715: Putin (Russia) and Bush (US)
060714: Putin (Russia) and Bush (US) - social dinner with spouses

* represents a trilateral meeting.

2005 Gleneagles (July 6-8)
050706: breakfast meeting w/ Bush (USA) and Blair (UK)
050706: Blair (UK) and Hu Jintao (China)
050707: Putin (Russia) and Mbeki (South Africa)
050707: Putin (Russia) and Koizumi (Japan)
050707: Putin (Russia) and Martin (Canada)
050708: Koizumi (Japan) and Putin (Russia)

2004 Sea Island (June 8-10)
040608: Bush (US) and Koizumi (Japan)
040608: Bush (US) and Martin (Canada)
040608: Bush (US) and Schroeder (Germany)
040608: Bush (US) and Putin (Russia)
040609: Bush (US) and Blair (UK)
040609: Chirac (France) and Martin (Canada)
040609: Bush (US) and Ghazi Ajil al-Yawer (Iraq)
040609: Koizumi (Japan) and Blair (UK)
040609: Koizumi (Japan) and Chirac (France)
040609: Koizumi (Japan) and King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein (Jordan)
040609: Putin (Russia) and King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein (Jordan)
040609: Berlusconi (Italy) and King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein (Jordan)
040609: Koizumi (Japan) and Putin (Germany)
040609: Martin (Canada) and Putin (Russia)
040609: Schroeder (Putin) and King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein (Jordan)
040610: Bush (US) and Chirac (France)
040610: Koizumi (Japan) and Schroeder (Germany)

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