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Group of Five

In 2005, Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa began participating in the G8 summit at the invitation of the host. Sometimes referred to as the Outreach Five (O5) or Plus Five, in 2008 they began referring to themselves as the Group of Five (G5).

While the G5 and G8 leaders issued joint statements and held briefings at each summit, the G5 leaders issued their first stand-alone document on the occasion of the 2008 Hokkaido Toyako Summit in Japan.

At the 2007 Heiligendamm Summit, host Angela Merkel announced a two-year initiative called the Heiligendamm Process, with the Heiligendamm Dialogue Process Support Unit established in the secretary general's office of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Devleopment (OECD). The 13 countries are focusing on four issues: cross-border investment, research and innovation (including intellectual property), energy (specifically energy efficiency) and development (especially in Africa). An interim report was submitted at the 2008 Hokkaido Summit, with the final report due at the 2009 Italian-hosted L'Aquila Summit. At L'Aquila, the leaders announced the extension of the process, now called the Heiligendamm L'Aquila Process (LAP).

For a period of time Mexico hosted the Group of Five website.

See also the G8 summit listings for other documents and briefings.

G5 Leaders Statements

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G5 and G8 Joint Statements

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