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G7 Japan: The 2023 Hiroshima Summit

Edited by John Kirton and Madeline Koch, with guest editor Naoki Tanaka
Published by GT Media and the G7 Research Group, 2023

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Welcome and Leaders' Introductions

A Better Future for Japan and the World
Fumio Kishida, prime minister, Japan
Triggering Sustainable Growth
Giorgia Meloni, prime minister, Italy
New Forms of International Solidarity
Olaf Scholz, chancellor, Germany
The Resilience of Democracy
Joe Biden, president, United States
Pulling Together in an Era of Entangled Global Crises
Justin Trudeau, prime minister, Canada
New Economic Ambitions
Emmanuel Macron, president, France
Adapting to Our New Reality
Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister, United Kingdom
Stronger Together for the Common Good
Charles Michel, president, European Council
Profound Change Afoot
Ursula von der Leyen, president, European Commission

Editors' Introductions

Prospects for the Hiroshima Summit
John Kirton, director, G7 Research Group
Global Economic Modulation: Identifying the Signs
Naoki Tanaka, president, Centre for International Public Policy Studies


G7 Performance on Non-Proliferation
Maria Zelenova, senior researcher, G7 Research Group
Reliable, Scalable, Safe Energy
Interview with Rafael Mariano Grossi, director-general, International Atomic Energy Agency
A World Without Nuclear Weapons
Mitsuru Kurosawa, professor emeritus, Osaka University
G7 Performance on Regional Security: Ukraine
G7 Research Group analysts
Behind Increased Defence
Jacob Benjamin and David A Welch, Balsillie School of International Affairs
An End to the Lawless Crypto Space
T Raja Kumar, president, Financial Action Task Force
Humanity at the Fore
Volker Türk, high commissioner for human rights, United Nations
The Fight Against Financial Crime
Denisse Rudich, director, G7 and G20 Research Groups London

Ecology and Energy


G7 Performance on Climate Change
Brittaney Warren, director of compliance and climate change research, G7 Research Group
Acting for All Life on Earth
David Cooper, acting executive secretary of the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity
Cleaning Up Hazardous Waste
Rolph Payet, executive secretary of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions


G7 Performance on Energy
Ella Kokotsis, director of accountability, G7 Research Group
No Security Without Clean Energy
Interview with Francesco La Camera, director-general, IRENA
Maximum Energy, Minimum Emissions
Haitham Al Ghais, secretary-general, OPEC


G7 Performance on Health
Hélène Emorine, senior researcher, G7 Research Group
Milestone Moments
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general, World Health Organization
Going Further Than Rapid Response
Seth Berkley, CEO, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
Three Key Lessons
Winnie Byanyima, executive director, UNAIDS, and under-secretary-general, United Nations
Better Health in the Caribbean and Small Island States
Joy St John, executive director, Caribbean Public Health Agency
A New Global Health Order
Ilona Kickbusch, founding director, Global Health Centre, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
Preventing Neurological Disorders: Are We Being Far-Sighted Enough
Vladimir Hachinski, Western University, and Ryosuke Takahashi, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine


Macroeconomic Policy

G7 Performance on Macroeconomic Policy
Alissa Wang, senior researcher, G7 Research Group
Lessons in Resilience
Mathias Cormann, secretary-general, OECD
The Power of Cohesiveness
Mark Sobel, US chair, Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum

Financial Stability

The Dark Side of Digital Money
Chiara Oldani, professor of monetary economics, University of Viterbo 'La Tuscia'
Finance in the Digital Age
Jennifer Jeffs, senior research associate in global finance, G7 Research Group

Trade, Investment and Infrastructure

G7 Performance on Trade
Maria Marchyshyn, lead researcher on trade, G7 Research Group
G7 Performance on Infrastructure
Julia Tops, senior researcher, G7 Research Group
The First Line of Defence
Kunio Mikuriya, secretary-general, World Customs Organization

Travel and Tourism

Trust in Tourism to Build a Better Future for All
Zurab Pololikashvili, secretary-general, United Nations World Tourism Organization
Take-Off for Greener Travel
Julia Simpson, president and CEO, World Travel and Tourism Council

Development and Debt

G7 Performance on Development
Sonja Dobson, senior researcher, G7 Research Group
Realising a Better World
Interview with Achim Steiner, administrator, United Nations Development Programme


G7 Performance on the Digital Economy
Kaylin Dawe, researcher, G7 Research Group
Delivering Digital for All This Decade
Doreen Bogdan-Martin, secretary-general, International Telecommunication Union
Beneath the Digital Surface
David Olive, senior vice president, ICANN


The Job Ahead
Gilbert F Houngbo, director-general, International Labour Organization
G7 Performance on Gender Equality
Julia Kulik, director of research, G7 Research Group
Digital Rights Are Women's Rights
Sima Bahous, under-secretary-general, United Nations, and executive director, UN Women

Strengthening the System


Predicting G7 Performance on Compliance
Jessica Rapson, senior researcher, G7 Research Group
Prospects for Performance
Keah Sharma and Malhaar Moharir, co-chairs, Summit Studies, G7 Research Group


Counting on Japan
Hugo Dobson, School of East Asian Studies, University of Sheffield
A Symbolic Summit
Junichi Takase, director, Research Institute of New Global Societies, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies
Renewed Unity, Fresh Purpose
Jonathan Luckhurst, professor of international relations, Soka University

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