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G7 Digital and Technology Track – Annex 3:
G7 Internet Safety Principles

G7 Digital and Technology Ministers, April 28, 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic has driven a steep increase in the use of the internet and different services provided online, such as social media, and has clearly demonstrated the importance of improving internet safety. Online content that is illegal, and content that is harmful, can have a major impact on people, especially women and children, and on our societies. In the principles set out below:

Underpinning Principles

  1. Fostering Human Rights Online
  2. Multi-Stakeholder Approach
  3. Corporate Responsibility
  4. Transparency and Accountability

Operational Principles

  1. Research and Best Practice in Safety Technology
  2. Protecting Children
  3. Online Media Literacy
  4. Youth Participation

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Source: Official website of the 2021 UK G7 Presidency

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