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G7/8 Ministerial Meetings and Documents

See also: G7/8 Officials-Level Meetings & Documents

Ministerial Meetings | Ad Hoc Ministerial Meetings

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Ministerial Meetings

Irregular: 2009, 2016
"Lyon Group": irregular, 1995-; G8: irregular, 1999-
Irregular, 2002-
Digital Ministers (was ICT ministers)
Irregular, 2000-
1994; annual, 1996-1999; irregular
Irregular, 1999-
1992; annual, 1994-
G5: irregular, 1973-1986?; G7: annual on summit site since 1975; 3-4 times a year as stand-alone meeting, 1986-; G20: annual, 1999-
Foreign affairs
Annual on summit site since 1975; annual as stand-alone meeting, 1984-;
pre-summit meetings, 1998-; ad hoc meetings as needed
Gender equality
Global Information Society
1995 (G7), 1996 (40 countries and 18 international organizations)
Irregular, 2006-
Justice and Interior
Irregular, 1997-
Science and Technology
Irregular, 2008-
Irregular, 1995-
Trade Ministers' Quadrilateral ("the Quad")
On summit site, 1978, and 1993; 3-4 times a year as stand-alone meeting, 1982-
2006, 2015-
Urban Development
September 13-14, 2022, Potsdam

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Ad Hoc Ministerial Meetings

Aid to the Russia (finance and foreign ministers): 1993
G7 Chairmen's Statement on Support for Russian Reform, April 15, 1993, Tokyo, Japan
G7 Culture Ministers, March 30-31, 2017, Florence, Italy
Economic Aid to Ukraine: October 27, 1994, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Global Marketplace for Small and Medium-size Enterprises: April 7-9, 1997, Bonn, Germany
(See the Global Information Network for SMEs for links to small and medium-size enterprises in G7 countries)
G8 Finance and Foreign Ministers' pre-summit meeting, Conclusions, May 8-9, 1998, London, England
G8 Ad Hoc Meeting of Drug Experts, Miyazaki City, Japan, December 13-15, 2000
G8 Conference on Dialogue between the Public Authorities and Private Sector on Security and Trust in Cyberspace, Paris, France, May 15-17, 2000, Final Press Release
G7 ministers of industry and information and communications technologies, September 26-27, 2017, Turin
G7 Global Inclusion Summit, September 1-2, 2022, Berlin (G7 disability ministers)

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