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The Road to Japan's G7 Hiroshima Summit

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November 29, 2023
G7 foreign ministers issue statement on the situation in Israel and Gaza
November 21, 2023
G7 foreign ministers and partners meet virtually to discuss Ukraine's energy infrastructure
November 7-8, 2023
Foreign ministers meet in Tokyo
G7 Japan 2023 Foreign Ministers' Statement, November 8, 2023
October 30, 2023
G7 Leaders' Statement on the Hiroshima AI Process
Hiroshima Process International Guiding Principles for Organizations Developing Advanced AI system
Hiroshima Process International Code of Conduct for Organizations Developing Advanced AI Systems
October 28-29, 2023
G7 trade ministers' meeting, Osaka-Sakai
Statement, October 29, 2023
October 12, 2023
G7 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, Marrakech: Statement
September 12, 2023
G7 Foreign Ministers' Statement on Illegitimate "Elections" in Regions of Ukraine Illegally Occupied by Russia
September 7, 2023
G7 Digital and Technology Ministers meet virtually: Statement
July 12, 2023
G7 leaders issue Joint Declaration of Support for Ukraine at NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania (see also the NATO Summit's Vilnius Communiqué)
July 7-9, 2023
G7 Sustainable Urban Development Ministers meet in Takamatsu, Kagawa
G7 Sustainable Urban Development Ministers' Communiqué: Achieving Sustainable Urban Development Together, July 9, 2023
Kagawa-Takamatsu Principles of Achieving Sustainable Urban Development Together, July 9, 2023
July 7, 2023
G7 justice ministers meet in Tokyo, including the "ASEAN Law and Justice Ministers Interface with G7 Justice Ministers" in the morning "G7 Justice Ministers' Meeting" in the afternoon
G7 Tokyo Declaration, July 7, 2023
June 24, 2023
G7 foreign ministers telephone call on Russia
June 16-18, 2023
G7 transport ministers meeting, Ise Shima
Declaration, June 19, 2023
May 19-21, 2023
Hiroshima Action Statement for Resilient Global Food Security, May 20, 2023
G7 Hiroshima Leaders' Communiqué, May 20, 2023
G7 Clean Energy Economy Action Plan, May 20, 2023
G7 Leaders' Statement on Economic Resilience and Economic Security, May 20, 2023
G7 Leaders' Vision on Nuclear Disarmament, May 19, 2023
G7 Leaders' Statement on Ukraine, May 19, 2023
May 12-14, 2023
G7 science and technology ministers, Sendai, Japan
G7 Science Ministers Commumiqué, May 14, 2023
Annex 1 OS [PDF]
Annex 2 SIGRE [PDF]
Annex 3 FSOI [PDF]
Annex 4 GSO [PDF]
May 12-15, 2023, Toyama City
G7 education ministers
Toyama-Kanazawa Declaration by G7 Education Ministers' Meeting, May 15, 2023
Summary [PDF], May 15, 2023
May 13-14, 2023
G7 health ministers, Nagasaki, Japan
G7 Nagasaki Health Ministers' Communiqué, May 14, 2023
G7 Global Plan for UHC Action Agenda, May 14, 2023
May 11-13, 2023
G7 finance ministers and central bank governors meet in Niigata
G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting Communiqué, May 13, 2023
G7 Shared Understanding on Enhanced Finance-Health Coordination and PPR Financing, May 13, 2023
April 29-30, 2023
G7 digital and tech ministers meeting, Takasaki, Gunma
Ministerial Declaration The G7 Digital and Tech Ministers' Meeting, April 30, 2023
Annex 1: Priorities and Operationalisation of the DFFT, April 30, 2023
Annex 2: G7 Vision for future networks in the Beyond 5G/6G era, April 30, 2023
Annex 3: G7 Action Plan for Building a Secure and Resilient Network Infrastructure, April 30, 2023
Annex 4: G7 Action Plan for Open, Free, Global, Interoperable, Reliable, and Secure Internet, April 30, 2023
Annex 5: G7 Action Plan for promoting global interoperability between tools for trustworthy AI , April 30, 2023
April 22-23, 2023
G7 agriculture ministers meet in Miyazaki
G7 Agriculture Ministers Communiqué and Annex: Miyazaki Actions, April 23, 2023
G7 labour and employment ministers meet in Kurashiki
Investing in Human Capital: Kurashiki Ministerial Declaration, April 23, 2023
April 16-18, 2023
G7 foreign ministers meet in Karuizawa
G7 Japan: Foreign Ministers Communiqué, April 18, 2023
April 15-16, 2023
G7 climate, energy and environment ministers meet in Sapporo
G7 Climate, Energy and Environment Ministers' Communiqué, April 16, 2023
April 12, 2023
G7 finance ministers and central bank governors meet in Washington DC: Statement
April 4, 2023
G7 trade ministers meet virtually: Statement
March 19, 2023
G7 foreign ministers issue statement condemning the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile by North Korea
February 24, 2023
G7 leaders meet virtually: Statement
February 23, 2023
G7 finance ministers and central bank governors meet in Bengaluru, India: Statement on Russia's War of Aggression against Ukraine and Its Impact on the Global Economy
February 18, 2023
G7 foreign ministers meeting, Munich Security Conference: Chair's statement by Hayashi Yoshimasa, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan
February 4, 2023
G7 health ministers issue G7 Health Ministers' Statement on Efforts to Increase Access to COVID-19 VDTs (vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics)
January 3, 2023
Japan launches the 2023 G7 Presidency website

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