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Explaining G8 Effectiveness in the Approach to the New Millenium

Professor John Kirton
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada

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Participation in the G7 Summit, 1975-

By Country or International Organization Involved

1976  Canada

1977   European Union (President of the Commission)

1982   Belgium as President of the Council of the EU (also in 1987)

1986   Netherlands as President of the EU (also in 1991, 1997)

1989   G15-G7 Pre-Summit Dinner

1991   USSR-G7 Post Summit Meeting

1992   Russia-G7 Post Summit Meeting (1994 P8, 1996 Moscow, 1997, 1998)

1993   Indonesia's Pre-Summit Dinner with Host Japan and US

1996   Ukraine (as Moscow Nuclear Safety Summit)

1996   IMF, IBRD, WTO, UN Session and Lunch with G7

Note: excludes non-immediate, off-site pre and post Summit consultation by host or individual G7 member, even when operating with a G7 mandate.

Source: Compiled by John Kirton

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