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Explaining G8 Effectiveness in the Approach to the New Millenium

Professor John Kirton
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada

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Co-operative Achievements of G7 Summits, 1988-1997

Putnam and Bayne Based Scoring

1991London 3 B+
1993 Tokyo 3 B+
1994 Naples C
1995 Halifax A-
1996 Lyon B
1997 Denver B+

Note: These scores were assigned by reviewing all published writings on the G7 by Putnam and Bayne individually or jointly, identifying their judgments on the individual Summits as Putnam and Bayne compared each to others since and before 1987, and assigning grades that reflected these ordinal rankings and the degree of the variation. Such a system provides robust guarantees against systemic biases in both the overall level of and range of variation within this contemporary set.

Source: Calculated by Ella Kokotsis

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