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G8 Employment and Labour Ministers Meetings

April 22-23, 2023
G7 labour and employment ministers, Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, Japan
Investing in Human Capital: Kurashiki Ministerial Declaration, April 23, 2023
May 24, 2022
G7 labour and social affairs ministers, Wolfsburg, Germany
Communiqué "Just Transition: Make It Work – Towards Decent and High Quality Work in a Green Economy"
June 6-7, 2019, Paris
Labour Ministers meeting: G7 Social
Press kit, June 4, 2019
G7 Social Communiqué, June 7, 2019
G7 Social Tripartite declaration, June 7, 2019
G7 Social Background Document: G7 Responses to Tackle the Digital Skills Gap June 7, 2019
March 26-28, 2018
G7 employment and innovation ministers, Montreal
Chairs' Summary: G7 Ministerial Meeting on Preparing for Jobs of the Future / Résumé des présidents : réunion ministérielle sur le thème « se préparer aux emplois de l'avenir »
Annex A: 2018 G7 Employment Outcomes / Annexe A : Résultats découlant de la réunion de l’emploi du G7 de 2018
Annex B: G7 Innovation Ministers' Statement on Artificial Intelligence / Annexe B : Déclaration des ministres de l'Innovation du G7 au sujet de l'intelligence artificielle
Annex C: G7 Innovation Ministers' Statement on Stimulating Innovation / Annexe C : Déclaration des ministres de l'Innovation du G7 au sujet de la stimulation de l'innovation
September 30-October 1, 2017
G7 labour ministers, Turin
Declaration, September 30, 2017
October 12-13, 2015
G7 labour and development ministers, Berlin
Declaration on Action for Fair Production, October 13
March 29-31, 2009
G8 labour and employment ministers, Rome
Social Summit 2009: Agenda [PDF]
Social Summit 2009: Conclusions of the G8 labour and employment ministers [HTML] [PDF]
Social Summit 2009: Chair's Summary of the labour ministers of the G8 plus Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa and Egypt [HTML] [PDF]
May 11-13, 2008
G8 Labour and Employment Ministers, Niigata
Official website
Chair's Conclusions
May 6-8, 2007
G8 Labour Ministers Meeting, Dresden
Concluding statement [HTML] [PDF]
October 9-10, 2006
G8 Labour and Employment Ministers, Moscow
March 11, 2005
G8 Employment Ministers, London
Concluding Press Release (Alan Johnson, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, UK)
December 15-16, 2003
G8 Labour Ministers, Stuttgart, Germany
Chair's conclusions [HTML] [PDF] (Hon. Wolfgang Clement, Minister of Economics and Labour, Germany)
April 26-27, 2002
G8 Labour and Employment Ministers, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Chair’s Conclusions (Hon. Jane Stewart, Minister of Human Resources Development Canada)
November 10-11, 2000
G8 Labour Ministers, Turin, Italy
Chair’s Conclusions
Turin Charter Toward Active Ageing
February 24-26, 1999
Labor Ministers Conference, Washington
Labor Policies in a Rapidly Changing Global Economy
Chair’s Conclusions
February 21-22, 1998
G8 Conference on Growth, Employability and Inclusion, London, England.
Chairman’s Conclusions
Employment Action Plans authorized by G7 Finance Ministers, February 21, 1998
HM Treasury News Release, February 22, 1998
November 28-29, 1997
Jobs Conference, Kobe, Japan
Chairman’s Conclusion
Annex 1: Follow-up Activities
Annex 2: Individual Action Plans
April 1-2, 1996
Jobs Ministerial Conference, Lille, France.
Opening Speech by Jacques Chirac, President of the Republic
Conclusions of the Chair
March 15, 1994
G7 Jobs Conference, Detroit, United States
Summary Statement of Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen on Behalf of the G7 Jobs Conference

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