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Biography, Dr. Hanns W. Maull (Lecturer)

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Hanns W.Maull holds the Chair for Foreign Policy and International Relations at the University of Trier. He studied Political Science, Modern History and Communications in Munich and London. His previous positions include Research Fellowships at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London (1973-1974) and the Sussex European Research Centre of Sussex University (1975-1976). From 1976 to 1979, Hanns Maull served as European Director of the Trilateral Commission. He then worked as Economics Editor with one of Germany´s Public Boradcasting Corporations (1979 -1982) before embarking on his academic career, with academic positions at the Universities of Munich (1982-1987) and Eichstätt (1987-1991). He also taught as Visiting Professor (from 1986 to 1992) and as holder of the Stephen Mueller Development Chair for German Politics (1997/1998) at the Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center.

Curriculum Vitae

List of Lectures

Lecture 10: Germany and the G7/G8


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