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G7/G8 Summit Meetings

Delegations and Dates

Leaders and Sherpas
(Sea Island, GA, June 8-10, 2004)

Jacques Chirac, President of the Republic
Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, Personal Representative
Michel Camdessus, Africa Personal Representative

United States:
George W. Bush, President
Gary Edson, Personal Representative
Walter H. Kansteiner III, Africa Personal Representative

United Kingdom:
Tony Blair, Prime Minister
Ivan Rogers, Personal Representative
Hilary Benn, Africa Personal Representative (did not attend Sea Island)

Russian Federation:
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President
Andrei Nikolaevich Illarionov, Personal Representative
Nodari Simonia, Africa Personal Representative

Gerhard Schroeder, Chancellor
Alfred Tacke, Personal Representative
Uschi Eid, Africa Personal Representative (did not attend Sea Island)

Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister
Ichiro Fujisaki, Personal Representative
Masaharu Kohno, Africa Personal Representative

Silvio Berlusconi, Prime Minister
Giovanni Castellaneta, Personal Representative
Alberto Michelini, Africa Personal Representative

Paul Martin, Prime Minister
Claude Laverdure, Personal Representative
Robert Fowler, Africa Personal Representative

European Union:
Romano Prodi, President of the European Commission
Stefano Sannino, Personal Representative

European Council;
Bertie Ahern, Prime Minister of the Ireland; President-in-Office of the European Council

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Other Participants at Sea Island
(Sea Island, GA, June 8-10, 2004)

Broader Middle Eastern Leaders:
Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan
Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain
Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer, President of Iraq
Abdallah II, King of Jordan
Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey
Ali Abdallah Salih, President of Yemen

African Leaders:
Abdelaziz Bouteflika, President of Algeria
John Agyekum Kafuor, President of Ghana
Olusegun Obasanjo, President of Nigeria
Abdoulaye Wade, President of Senegal
Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki, President of South Africa
Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of Uganda

G8 Spouses:
Laura Bush, United States
Bernadette Chirac, France
Cherie Blair, United Kingdom
Sheila Martin, Canada
Ludmila Putin, Russia

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Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors
(Boca Raton FL, February 6, 2004; Washington DC, April 23-24, 2004; New York, May 22-23, 2004; Washington,October 1, 2004)

United States:
John Snow, Secretary of the Treasury
Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve

Nicolas Sarkozy, Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry
Christian Noyer, Governor, Banque de France

United Kingdom:
Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer
Mervyn King, Governor, Bank of England

Hans Eichel, Finance Minister
Ernst Welteke, Governor, Deutsche Bundesbank (before April 27, 2004)
Axel Weber, Governor, Deutsche Budesbank (after April 27, 2004)

Sadakazu Tanigaki, Minister of Finance
Toshihiku Fukui, Governor, Bank of Japan

Giulio Tremonti, Minister of the Economy
Antonio Fazio, Governor, Banca d'Italia

Ralph Goodale, Minister of Finance
David Dodge, Governor, Bank of Canada

European Union:
Pedro Solbes Mira, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs
Jean-Claude Trichet, President, European Central Bank

China (present at dinner on October 1, 2004):
Jin Renqing, Minister of Finance
Zhou Xiaochuan, Governor, Central Bank

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Foreign Ministers
(Washington DC, May 14, 2004; New York, September 24, 2004)

United States:
Colin L. Powell, Secretary of State
John Snow, Treasury Secretary (September 24, 2004)

Michel Barnier, Minister of Foreign Affairs

United Kingdom:
Jack Straw, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

Russian Federation:
Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Joschka Fischer, Foreign Minister

Yoriko Kawaguchi, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Environment

Franco Frattini, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Bill Graham, Minister of Foreign Affairs (May 14, 2004)
Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of Foreign Affairs (September 24, 2004)

European Union:
Christopher Patten, Foreign Affairs Commissioner
Javier Solana, High Representative
Brian Cowen, Irish Foreign Minister

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Justice and Home Ministers

United States:
John Ashcroft, Attorney General
Tom Ridge, Secretary of Homeland Security

Dominique Perben, Minister of Justice
Dominique de Villepin, Minister of the Interior, Homeland Security and Local Liberties

United Kingdom:
Hazel Blears, Minister of State for Counterterrorism, Resilience Issues, Crime Reduction, Policing, Community Safety

Russian Federation:
Vladimir Vasilyevich Ustinov, Procurator General
Rashid Gumarovich Nurgaliev, Minister of Internal Affairs

Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister of Justice
Otto Schily, Federal Minister of the Interior

AkioHarada, Prosecutor General
Iwao Uruma, Deputy Commissioner General, National Police Agency

Roberto Castelli, Minister of Justice
Giuseppe Pisanu, Minister of the Interior

Irwin Cotler, Minister of Justice and Attorney General
Paul Kennedy, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

European Union:
Antonio Vitorino, Commissioner of Justice and Home Affairs
Gijs de Vries, Counter-terrorism Coordinator

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