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G7/G8 Summit Meetings
Road to St. Petersburg

Civil G8

The Russian Federation, as host of the 2006 G8, has created Civil G8, an NGO initiative led by Ella Pamfilova, Chair of the Russian Human Rights Commission to promote the development of the institutions of civil society and human rights. During the year, Civil G8 will organize outreach and stakeholder events to involve civil society in discussions of the issues on the G8 agenda. Civil G8 also hosts a website with public discussion forums on those topics (links open in new windows).

Civil G8's Advisory Council includes NGOs and civil society representatives from around the world.

Note: This page includes documents published by Civil 8 as well as other civil society stakeholders.

November 21-22, 2006, Moscow
Conference: "The Fulfillment of the G8 Summit Agenda"

October 26-27, 2006, Moscow
NGO Round Table on Africa

July 3-4, 2006, Moscow
International NGO Forum
Plenary session with President Putin, including address by John Kirton, director of the G8 Research Group
Address by Vladimir Putin
Address by NGOs to President Putin
Official website

March 9-10, 2006, Moscow
International Civil Forum: "The Contribution of Civil Society Institutions to the G8 2006 Agenda"
Expert opinions
Recommendations of the Energy Safety Group
Recommendations on preventing global pandemics
Recommendations on trade, finance for development and Africa
Round table on education
List of participants
"Civil Society at the Gleneagles Summit," Paper presented by Peter I. Hajnal

February 16, 2006, Moscow
Experts Round Table on Global Energy Security, Education and Infectious Disease
Summary on energy security
Summary on education
Summary on infectious diseases
Initiatives and recommendations for the fight against infectious diseases
Prophylaxis of infectious diseases and providing medical assistance to the socially undefended

December 19-20, 2005, Moscow
"Dialogue of Russian and World Community with the G8 within the Russian Federation's Presidency in 2006"
Press release with list of participants, December 19, 2005
Press conference with NGOs, December 20, 2005
Report by Peter Teslenko, Canadian Embassy in Moscow

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