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2003 G8 Pre-Summit Conference: Governing Globalization: G8, Public and Corporate Governance  *

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Welcome to the 2003 G8 Online Course!

Featured Content:
June 2: Press Briefing by Médecins Sans Frontières With Bernard Pecoul  *  *
June 1: Student Bulletins, President Luiz Inacio Da Silva (Brazil) speaks with the G8 + 17  *  *

Since 1997, the G8 Research has been involved in offering online university-level courses about the G7/G8 institutions, issues and members. With G8 Online 2002, we mounted an expanded program from previous years. G8 Online 2002 delivered a university level, online course of 26 lectures, with supporting materials, tutorials and other interactive features and offered in both English and French. Recognizing the significant world-wide audience for G8 Online, and cognizant of the digital divide, G8 Online was offered in text-only, audio only, low-bandwidth video and high-bandwidth video options.

In addition to the lecture by leading academics, students play a pivotal role in the project. French and English-language teaching assistants conducted student-led video seminars to discuss the course topics, as well as facilitate the interactive listserve and chat functionality through real-time online office hours and moderated discussion groups. The course is freely available to students, instructors, media, other professionals and interested citizens around the world.

G8 Online 2003 is supported by Trinity College and the University of Toronto, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), eCollege.com and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada through the EnviReform Project.

G8 Online 2003 will be onsite at the 2003 G8 Summit in Evian-les-Bains, France, June 1-3. Watch for new content posted leading up to and onsite at the Summit, and please email us your questions at info@g8online.org. Also check back frequently as G8 Online will be launching new material over the coming months!